25 June 2019

Hi, my name is Paolo Barrale and I’m a cooker.
I need this preamble to introduce small masterpieces that are on the BuonoNaturale’s catalog.
Products with extreme but simple care, because quality is perceived as something good and natural, because every day is a good day to reinvent recipes and savor tradition.
Here are my suggestions to better enjoy our range of risi, risotti, orzotti, farrotti and polenta:

Arborio rice
The best known among the Italian Risi. Sumptuous large bean, excellent for “land” risottos. Try it with porcini mushrooms, hazelnuts, toma cheese and raw meat; piedmont is close … and why not, even the Sicilian arancines will be excellent with this rice … north and south in a grain!

Carnaroli rice
Prince of risottos, sea, vegetables, cheeses have no secrets for this rice. Never over the top, a noble rice for noble ingredients. Maybe combine it with raw red prawns, almond milk and white truffle … magic!

Nerone rice
The forbidden rice in ancient China could only eat the emperor.
This rice is not just a side dish; has a deep personality.
It is lighted, if served hot, perhaps with freshly cooked vegetables with spices or cold in summer for an unusual rice salad.

Red Rice
A good compromise for those looking for a product that is always al dente and easy to match.
Try it with ginger tomato and lemon. It will be an excellent counterpart to raw fish. In any case, it will bring a breath of east to our tables.

A separate chapter for our risottos.
Good regardless, well calibrated, just respect for the raw material and the Italian risotto dish. You can enrich them as you wish … how? I’ll tell you.

Asparagus risotto
Try it with wild fennel, Parmesan and maybe with a fried egg …

Mushroom risotto
Enrich it with goat cheese fondue, blueberries and a sprinkling of cocoa
You will feel great kitchen creative.

Nettles risotto
Finish it with seafood, cherry tomatoes and olive oil. A wonderful discovery!

Vegetable Risotto
Serve with a rabbit ragout, black olives and a sprinkling of fresh chopped rosemary to create a quick “cacciatora”

Now it’s up to spelled and barley. Excellent for fast soups or rice substitutes, our orzotti and farrotti will be an indispensable food once tried and reinvented.

Pumpkin Farrotto
Add parmesan, orange and roasted coffee powder for an aphrodisiac dish; you will have a wonderful dinner and maybe even a wonderful after dinner.

Farrotto with Porcini Mushrooms
Cream it with hazelnut oil and serve with seared prawns and lime.

Orzotto Tomato and basil
Simple but appealing. Serve it with clams, garlic-covered mussels and olive oil. The sea is at home.

While the Polenta is easy for everyone; but let’s try to enrich it and find the best way to serve it and make a great impression with the guests.

Polenta with Porcini mushrooms
Stop cooking, chill it, slice it and grill it
Servila combined with ossobuco in gremolada.

Polenta with Vegetables
Complete its cooking and serve it with stewed sea bass fillet it will be a complete meal.

I have given you the guidelines to taste and serve our products, now it’s up to you to invent chefs.
Send us the photos or recipes of your dishes perhaps with new combinations.

25 June 2019

At Nouvelle Terre we love to call ourselves a “born global”, as this enterprise was born with the desire to approach above all the foreign markets to increase sensitivity towards the delicate issue of healthy nutrition.

Operating mainly in the field of organic food, Nouvelle Terre aims to bring the quality of Italian food on the tables of consumers around the world with a dual purpose. First of all, we firmly believe that a balanced lifestyle cannot do without proper nutrition; at the same time, we are convinced of the need for a turning point in the eating habits of the current man in the face of the ecological footprint that every living being leaves behind.

We cannot speak of respect for our planet if there is not a strong will to change the habits that most impact the environment and the future of humanity.

The company is constantly looking for lasting partnerships with Italian, European and North American operators. Overseas, our typical “customer” is the importer / distributor, with whom Nouvelle Terre aims to establish commercial relationships that meet the needs of end consumers. Our modus operandi, consolidated over time, is to develop recipes that use particular ingredients with semi-artisan production and located in the area of ​​origin of the product. The entire research phase revolves around respecting Italian regional specialties.

In addition to scouting, consolidation and distribution of high-level products, where appropriate, the company invests in the production process of the various selected companies. Currently the product portfolio includes the following brands:

  • BUONONATURALE, a brand that includes a series of mainly organic products, selected of high quality, coming from different Italian regions;
  • CARMASCIANDO, a delicious Irpinia cheese, which we offer mainly abroad;
  • SYNBIOFOOD, a brand that identifies several products that are always organic, particularly elaborate, such as sauces, soups, compotes and a particular line with probiotics.

With these brands the project has advanced to the next step of promoting products that benefit the consumer not only physically but also emotionally. We remain convinced that “eating well” is the starting point for a happy life.

4 June 2019

The 2019 edition of the international food fair, TUTTOFOOD, ended.

At BuonoNaturale we had a very lively stand, thanks to the participation of our chef Ambassador Paolo Barrale, who delighted visitors with his recipes using BuonoNaturale products.
In light of the strategic partnership with Synbiofood and Carmasciando, we had the honor of presenting their products to our customers. We are a young and dynamic company and we have a predilection for high quality products.

We want to say Thank You a lot of times to everyone, for having transformed these four days of fair into a wonderful experience and into a fundamental stage of our journey of taste and quality.

4 June 2019

BuonoNaturale took part with his staff at the SIAL Toronto international expo.

There have been days of negotiations and meetings with people who have shown great interest in our products.
The Canadian market is a great development opportunity for us and we are working alongside importers and distributors to make our products available to consumers.

We sincerely thank those who followed and supported us during this event and above all who we met at our booth.

20 May 2019

Hi Chef,

on the occasion of the Sial Toronto to be held from April 30th to May 2nd, how is BuonoNaturale preparing to face the challenges of the North American market?

First of all, the promotional activity never stops; we continually make promotions and advertising campaigns to communicate to our customers the added value of our Products.


How can certified products for Canada and the USA satisfy retail customer requests?

In the case of North America with our line of ready-to-cook risottos in all their nuances we guarantee the end customer a unique tasting experience that combines speed, taste and Italian tradition.

Our current customers especially appreciate the convenience of using these products.


The foodservice catalog instead how is it composed?

At the moment the catalog aimed at professionals, to which we always strive to ensure the highest quality, is made up of delicious creams and pesto of dried fruit, typical of southern Italy and in particular of my land, Sicily; in addition we have a line of truffle products, a product from Campania.


Will you also be present at SIAL?

No this time I will not be present because I am working on organizing a series of show cooking for the TUTTOFOOD fair in Milan where we will be present in an important way.

This does not mean that we underestimate the SIAL, but it is simply a different type of event, in which we will be more focused on the product rather than on the exhibition.

Of course there will be the rest of the staff at SIAL Toronto and I know they already have the agenda full of appointments with various local players. I’m sure they will do a great job as always.


Are there any new entries in the catalog during 2019?

I don’t want to go too far, but 2019 for BuonoNaturale will be a very important year; we are working to give new pearls to our customers.

I do not add anything else because it is not right that things are communicated at the right time … but I assure you that you will see some good ones.


Thank you.

It is easy to cook well when there is someone who chooses the maximum for you, the Natural Good!


Paolo Barrale

20 May 2019

It’s with great pleasure that we announce the launch of our products on the Canadian market, available from today via the Gourming.ca marketplace.

Gourming is a platform dedicated to professionals in the Horeca sector and operates in Europe, the United States and Canada.

BuonoNaturale started this collaboration starting from Canada (location of the next fair in which we will take part: SIAL Toronto booth N1521), with the project to extend the area of action to the other countries in which Gourming operates.

We are satisfied for this new adventure and we want to leave you the link from which our products can be reached:


20 May 2019

In the BuonoNaturale home there have been two very intense 2019 start-up months.
New relationships, new products, new friendships but above all new experiences.
We have been exhibitors on two major international fair events:

  • Sirha, the biggest international event in the Horeca sector, where our Ambassador Paolo Barrale has delighted visitors with the creativity that distinguishes him and with the BuonoNaturale pasta
  • Biofach, a reference point in the bio world

We spoke with thousands of people in a few days, telling us how carefully we select our products and explaining the benefits of healthy eating.

In the coming months we will go overseas to Sial Toronto and soon we will return to our home at Tuttofood in Milan.

We want to thank all those who are supporting us and those who will do so in the future.

21 February 2019

From the collaboration with Paolo Barrale, this delicious tiramisu is born that mixes the new, the creativity and the tradition.

Here is the second video of the Eat Like Italians series with recipes for eating like the Italians do.

Our journey continues in the most authentic Italian culinary tradition: 12 months, 12 videos in which Chef Paolo will tell us what are the secrets to eating as per Italian tradition.

3 February 2019

From the collaboration with Paolo Barrale, this dish is born that speaks the language of our territory, our traditions and our values.

Here is the first video of the Eat Like Italians series with recipes for eating like the Italians do.

Our journey begins in the most authentic Italian culinary tradition: 12 months, 12 videos in which Chef Paolo will tell us what are the secrets to eating as per Italian tradition